The Detoxing Your Kitchen Project

What if you could eliminate harmful foods and products from your kitchen...

 just by following a simple, step-by-step, guide...

that would allow you and your family to live a healthier, less-toxic life...

Now you can...
  • Module #1: Course Introduction - Take a peak at it ^
  • Module #2: Food ($97 Value) - Understand important terminology concerning your food, learn my method of grocery shopping, figure out the best items to keep in your pantry, get my tips on acquiring your food locally, and I'll teach you how to start your own seeds for your very own garden.
  • Module #3: Cookware & Cooking Utensils ($97 Value) - Learn what pots, pans, cooking and eating utensils, accessories, food storage, and appliances are the safest.
  • Module #4: Drinks & Lunches ($97 Value) - Figure out how to filter your water, what store-bought water is the best choice, why wine doesn't always play nice, and how to rock a sustainable lunchbox that won't frustrate you and might save you some money.
  • Module #5: Cooking From Scratch ($97 Value) - Get my favorite, organic, homemade, from-scratch recipes... something for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!
  • Module #6: Cleaning Up ($97 Value) - I'll teach you about soaps, general cleaners, and cleaning products- why they may be harming you; how to swap them out; and how to make your own cleaning produts.
  • Module #7: Wrap Up & Look Ahead
  • Bonus #1:  Year-long access to The Detoxing Your Kitchen Course
  • ​Bonus #2: Insider access to The Detoxing You Academy private Facebook Group
  • ​Bonus #3: FREE Elderberry Educational Mini Guide ($47 Value) - 19 Easy and Delicious Meal Ideas That Will Save You Time, Your Kids Will Actually Eat, and are 100% Organic With Bonus Week-long Meal Schedule Layout & Recipes

Course Launches Soon!

"I love all things organic and non-GMO. I was so happy to find Allison’s organic meal ideas. This will save me so much time trying to figure out what’s for dinner!"

Tamara H.

"Allison’s recipes are always so easy and delicious. Plus, I feel like I am a better mom because my kids are eating so much healthier."

Patricia M.

"I LOVE the way Allison and her family lives. They inspired me to start living a simpler, less toxic life."

Jenny S.


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The Ultimate Guarantee

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